Remarkable boutique’s Eyelashes are 100% human hair and is anti-allergenic. They are reusable and lightweight.

Remarkable lashes are here for you! From every day at home to the late-night affairs, remarkable lashes are just what you need.

  • Remarkable Max Hold edge control

    Remarkable edge control not only control your edges but also can control frizz from braids. It doesn’t flake and it is alcohol free. Oh and it smells amazing!

  • Remarkable extra hold Mousse

    The #1 formula for the sleekest finish on any style. This extra hold mousse will leave your hairstyle flawless. Need I say more?

  • Remarkable Hair Growth Oil

    Remarkable hair growth oil is a special formula to strengthen hair, stimulates hair growth while increasing blood flow around scalp, cleanse scalp and reduce dandruff. Oh and it smells amazing! Pineapple and blueberry scented.

  • Remarkable Eyelashes

    Remarkable lashes are long lasting. 100% human hair and can go with any style. Rather it’s work setting or late night fun Remarkable lashes are the best match! All colors available!

  • Remarkable Braiding Hair

    Shop Remarkable braiding hair now. Tangle free, hot water set, suitable for all hair types and all hair styles. Color(s) currently available 1,1B,2,4,27,30,613 & blue

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